3RD Annual Tree of Dreams - Rady Foundation

I am truly honored and humbled to be a partnered with Kenn Gray for the 3rd Annual Tree of Dreams, Benefiting the Lady Foundation for Lady Children's Hospital San Diego. Internationally acclaimed interior designer Kenn Gray of www.kenngrayhome.com has partnered with famed textile designer Sarah Strader www.sarahstrader.com to produce a luxury line of textiles, Pillows.  Holiday UpholsTREE is a glimpse into the dramatic use of hand-painted textiles and how one can utilize creativity to great lengths when decorating for the holidays.  Gray and Strader could not be more pleased to support Luxe Magazine and Thompson Building Materials in their efforts to raise monies for Rady Childrens Hospital!

Happy Turkey Day!

Just a friendly post, I have to look this up every year. "How long do I cook a Turkey?"  I found this awesome little chart, to help me out. It will be going into my cook book. 

Last year was my first time ever cooking a Turkey, this is my second year. I am really pumped about it, with my fancy new posting pan and an actual meet thermometer. 

My uncle is a Chef and I text him every year on the "how's" and the "whats- what". He's joining us for dinner again, I will let you know how impressed he is, with out asking him my endless questions. 

Complements of Real Simple


And Happy Turkey Day!