Million Meters

Crossfit Costa Mesa

Life is diverse, I love design, color, my friends and family, my little crazy rescue dog and love me some crossfit. I have found my own personal power in this platform. I have never experienced this level of support and personal power with other people pushing and cheering for you to do better than the day before, better than the rep before, and pushing you to be better than the last round. 

In just about 2 weeks my rowing journey will be complete. I will be hitting my 1 millionth meter. It is hard to believe that I started this just over a year ago.... and it will be coming to an end. Most days it's a lesson in "getting over myself" "commitment" and "finishing". The final countdown has begun. 929,144/1,000,000 complete.

Most of this journey has been a solo one- just me and my rower before or after my crossfit class. This challenge was posted by an inspiration friend Richard who is still rowing at South Coast Crossfit and posted it online, so I decided to row remotely and track all my meters and photograph each row on my iPhone. 

Although, I started this journey with friends from South Coast Crossfit, remotely and I started my rowing journey at a different location with coaching from a great champion dragon boat rower Justin Chi, I will complete my rowing goal of 1 million meters in just over a year and I will complete it at Crossfit Costa Mesa. 

Moving to a new Crossfit and knowing no-one was kind of like the first day of school. And as I struggled doing 42/36/21 burpies over a dumbbell and push presses with the same dumbbell. The other girls still rooted for me as I finished dead last. I have taken many steps backwards to editing my skills, changing my form and having to go use lighter weight than I am use too for the sake of improving as a whole. 

Life is a journey and this one has shows me a lot.