The 22nd annual Wreath Auction - EIGHT4NINE Resturant & Lounge

Flattered to be asked to be a small part of his contribution to so many charities. When Kenn Grey asked to be a part of his wreath and showcase the direction of our upcoming collaboration in 2017, I was both humbled and honored. I am grateful for every opportunity placed before me, this partnership with Kenn Gray of Kenn Gray Home is laughing to epic proportions, already. Take a look at was this visionary created for this great cause. 

Excited to support Eight4Nine, Restaurant & Lounge by making this fab holiday wreath for the wreath auction on December 5th! Some of the ornaments are covered in handpainted textiles from my new luxury textile line, Kenn Gray for Sarah Strader launching in 2017!
It was a full house on December 5th and help support these great organizations! The Friends of the Palm Springs Animal Shelter and The Center!

Photos Complements of Kenn Gray of Kenn Gray Home

3RD Annual Tree of Dreams - Rady Foundation

I am truly honored and humbled to be a partnered with Kenn Gray for the 3rd Annual Tree of Dreams, Benefiting the Lady Foundation for Lady Children's Hospital San Diego. Internationally acclaimed interior designer Kenn Gray of has partnered with famed textile designer Sarah Strader to produce a luxury line of textiles, Pillows.  Holiday UpholsTREE is a glimpse into the dramatic use of hand-painted textiles and how one can utilize creativity to great lengths when decorating for the holidays.  Gray and Strader could not be more pleased to support Luxe Magazine and Thompson Building Materials in their efforts to raise monies for Rady Childrens Hospital!

Million Meters

Crossfit Costa Mesa

Life is diverse, I love design, color, my friends and family, my little crazy rescue dog and love me some crossfit. I have found my own personal power in this platform. I have never experienced this level of support and personal power with other people pushing and cheering for you to do better than the day before, better than the rep before, and pushing you to be better than the last round. 

In just about 2 weeks my rowing journey will be complete. I will be hitting my 1 millionth meter. It is hard to believe that I started this just over a year ago.... and it will be coming to an end. Most days it's a lesson in "getting over myself" "commitment" and "finishing". The final countdown has begun. 929,144/1,000,000 complete.

Most of this journey has been a solo one- just me and my rower before or after my crossfit class. This challenge was posted by an inspiration friend Richard who is still rowing at South Coast Crossfit and posted it online, so I decided to row remotely and track all my meters and photograph each row on my iPhone. 

Although, I started this journey with friends from South Coast Crossfit, remotely and I started my rowing journey at a different location with coaching from a great champion dragon boat rower Justin Chi, I will complete my rowing goal of 1 million meters in just over a year and I will complete it at Crossfit Costa Mesa. 

Moving to a new Crossfit and knowing no-one was kind of like the first day of school. And as I struggled doing 42/36/21 burpies over a dumbbell and push presses with the same dumbbell. The other girls still rooted for me as I finished dead last. I have taken many steps backwards to editing my skills, changing my form and having to go use lighter weight than I am use too for the sake of improving as a whole. 

Life is a journey and this one has shows me a lot.  

Sarah Strader Limited Edition

Limited Edition,  will be launching soon! 

Our Limited Edition program will consist of exciting product created in exclusive production runs along side other products produced in specific quantity. We know that Life Rewards Urgent Shoppers, so once these products are gone they will not be produced again. 

This is an exciting program as we are committed to creating new and different products on a consistent short run basis. 

This site will be to home to Pillows, Candles, Totes, Scarves, Books and other indulgent accessories. Happy Shopping! 

Limited Edition

Save the Date! for the ART OF DESIGN

For part of my goals this year, giving back is important to me so when I was asked to be a part of this event, I jumped at the chance. I am so proud to be part of The Art of Design. So many wonderful things to share about this event. Being able to working with the Illumination Foundation, that is in my community and continuing to do great work. Luxe Magazine is always a pleasure to work with and Shannon & Alicia are making a brilliant team and adding volumes to this event.  PH Designs, is manufacturing all of the furniture designed by our hand plucked Designers. Audra of Audra Interiors and creative brain of "Suite Dreams" is hand on and working with all of the designers to support and guide them through this inaugural event as their design leasion. Caldwell Banker and the Irvine Company for giving us this California-cation location. Last, but certainly not least, I am the exclusive fabric sponsor for this event. 

So- As our Designers, get creative and crate a masterpiece that will be auctioned off Anna of PH Designs will create the custom creations and our Fabrics will adorn the the structures. 

Art of Design

The Year of Awesomeness.

This is becoming the year of awesomeness. The year I was able to marry my best fried and husband still holds first place, however this year is quite up there.  

As I stregicly set goals each year of all four categories of my life. Physical, Emotional, Mental Wealth and Libery, Spiritual/ contribution .

Physical: Complete my million meter row. As I decided to start this venture at the end of last year, I decided it would be a great goal to complete rowing this year and under 12 months. Currently I have just surpassed 600,000meters. Averaging 100,000 meters a months. Around my regular workout regimen.  I started this goal in tandem with friends at another gym, however I have been rowing my meters solo. In the mornings I have supporters and fiends who come in early and row next to me, cheer me on and keep me accountable. 

After completing the Crossfit Open, again this year I have decided that now I will train harder for NLI Legondary Conpetitor- at the affiliate showcase August 27th at the Anaheim Convention Center. 


hand written thank you notes

Emotional:  Spending the year in gratitude, my goal is to complet 100 handwritten Thank You Notes. To express my gratitude for people in my life, events in my life and clients in our business. 

MWL: To grow into new showrooms, Enhance current client and designer relationships and surpass all previously hit yardage goal. 

This goal also includes a new fabric launch and our first lisnecing agreement with a very talented Interior Designer. 

Sarah Strader The Art to Colorful Living

The big scary goal - is to write and publish a coffee table book. As of right now I have completed 148 pages of my 200 page goal. Our book release party date has been selected and we are excited to be partnering with Luxe Magazine.  

Spiritual:  To actively give back my talent to my community through mentoring, community beautification, and partner with a charity. 

We are so very excited to be working on a beautiful event with a charity right in our back yard.  



How it all started

Do you know that some of the most successful people got started in their garage or someone else's garage? 

Steve Jobs (Apple), Sarah Blakely (spanks), Jeff Bezos (Amazon), Walt Disney, Lary Page & Sergery Brin (Google), William S. Harley (Harley Davidson), Harold Matson (Mattel), Michael Kittredge (Yankie Candle).


How we got started the early years.

We started on an 24 " wide folding table that I had in college as an extra drawing table, in the garage, printing 24" taping it down and printing and then moving it and repeating this process until all yardage was complete. Everyday I got up extra early and stood in the garage to print fabric, why so early? Because I need to be complete before my husband came home so that he could park his car at some point. The fabric would cascade on tubes suspend from the garage ceiling way above his car so that it could fully cure prior to heat setting the fabric.


This process grew for me to have several folding tables, which added a rolling rack out of the garage,  past the neighbors house allowing for 20 yards of fabric to dry. All still needing to be collapsed each evening. Although my husband did park on the street on occasion. This was our deal and he diligently help string up many countless yards of fabric each night.


Built to last 

Although we have contounied to stay small we no long use the small folding table. We still have it and now we cover it with fabric for all of our product photo shoots and ocainsally we have dressed up the paint covered table with fine china and served thanksgiving or Christmas eve dinner.


I smile on the inside when people are enjoying themselves at this hard workingtable with so much history printed under the linens and china.

There is no such thing as a humble beginning, it's just where you started and to get anywhere you must start somewhere.


The chalange

My challenge to you is start something new, don't worry about what it will look like, if it's a fancy office, if its perfect, JUST START!


Happy Starting!

hand printed custom fabrics

Happy Turkey Day!

Just a friendly post, I have to look this up every year. "How long do I cook a Turkey?"  I found this awesome little chart, to help me out. It will be going into my cook book. 

Last year was my first time ever cooking a Turkey, this is my second year. I am really pumped about it, with my fancy new posting pan and an actual meet thermometer. 

My uncle is a Chef and I text him every year on the "how's" and the "whats- what". He's joining us for dinner again, I will let you know how impressed he is, with out asking him my endless questions. 

Complements of Real Simple


And Happy Turkey Day! 

Every Order Counts for you!

We appreciate each and every order from our clients, to reward you, we are gifting an iPad Air 2 just in time for the holidays. Each and every order enters you for a chance to win an iPad. You can keep this for your self or gift it to a special someone in your life. It will come gift wrapped for you to enjoy or gift! 

Happy Shopping! 

Just Own it!

We are always pleased to brag on our friends and their many accomplishments, landmarks in business, and down right awesomeness. As we are so very proud to be a part of GK Designs Showroom. This exemplary talent has openend his flagship showroom in Porto Rico. He has been published, has been featured on a billboard and is now on mass transit. This is the definition of design on the move. Just Own It! 

Hand Printed Textiles

Here is a little time laps video that showcases  how our products are produced. Each motif is hand painted and then hand pressed into the fabric. Show here is the Cassandra pattern from the imperial china collection. 

Printed with the highest quality fabric with light fast pigments and the most skilled artisans. Beautifying the world one yard at a time. 

Designer Runway 2015!

September 26 @ 5:00 pm - 11:00 pm


Join us for the 9th Annual Designer Runway! Festivities begin with an evening of cocktails, wine, and delicious cuisine followed by three incredible fashion shows. Enjoy the professional fashion shows with Luxe by Lisa Vogel opening with stunning swimwear styles followed by spectacular looks from Grayse by Marie and Kelly Gray. Teams of Orange County’s top interior designers create fashion forward outfits from Laguna Design Center showroom fabric and trim in only 90 minutes. Watch as these designers strut their outfits down the runway and are evaluated by our notable judges. After party with music, dancing, and refreshments.

The Colton Company’s Designer Runway 2015 will benefit the Illumination Foundation, a local nonprofit dedicated to providing targeted, interdisciplinary services for the most vulnerable homeless families and children to break and prevent the cycle of homelessness.

Purchase your tickets for this fine evening full of interior design, fashion, and culinary tastings paired with wine and cocktails!

Illumination Foundation

Designer Runway 2014 Video:

9:00 PM – 11:00 PM AFTER PARTY


PHONE: (949) 643-2929

Puerto Rico - Modo De Vida

Personally, I admire working with showrooms as they are defining what and whom they would like to partner with as they are braking into the marketplace themselves. GK Designs is officially open in Puerto Rico, and as we showcase our textiles on their furniture and adorning the the wall we stand firm that Puerto Rico with be beautified with robust color yards of fabric at a time. 

Beautify your life yards and pillows at a time. 

Cheers, to GK Designs and their clients as we embark to beatify the world. 

Modo De Vida
GK Designs
Fabrics Sarah Strader
sarah strader fabrics

Mint Julpe- Rejoy

Some say it's difficult to share your passion, it might seem boastful.  We do not operate by this montra. We absolutely love what we do, love life and live for the next custom challenge and Sarah personally loves the challenging workout of crossfit. She prides her self in dedication, to this program it has attributed to her physical stamina, strength, and mental resilience that comes with owning and creating in her textiles company.

Life is a collection of the moments created by you, in sharing these moments it allows the potential to inspire others to dream bigger, create more or follow there passion. 

Dream on my friends!  

Rejoy- Mint Julep  

Rejoy- Mint Julep  


Best day of my life!!!

We love what we do!

Every wedding is a unique expression of the couple. Blending their families, important traditions, sentiments, and their love for each other.

chad and sam

It is a rare and extreme pleasure to work with someone who has been apart of my own life, someone who stood by me at my wedding and a best friend of 18 years. It was an honor to work with Chad and Samantha on there dream wedding. The celebration was November 1, 2014 in Orlando, Florida. It was such a pleasure to work with this unique couple and blending together the style they wanted to create, and layering all of their details together to create a fluid day of enjoyment.

Cheers to the amazing couple!

Best Wishes, Chad & Samantha